Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Hi and Welcome to the 2nd to last blog :(

I completed my goal this week!

My goal was to be curious to make creative finshing... And I did that my roller coster looks awesome (I learned how to turn the rails with help from Carter it worked.

Here is the other padlet!!!!

Today we made a movie that soon will be on this site!
The movies were about what me made but talk about where you started out, these are the questions:

How you started?
What inspired us?
Why did we use some materials?
Why did we choose this location?
What choices could we have made
Why did we not choose these?
What next?

These questions we had to think on.
Audrey helped the groups think about all the questions that would help with what to say in the movie!

That comes to the end of blog bye!

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