Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Hey guys that was the time of minecraft :(
Maybe we will be going to minecraft on thursday :)

My goal was to make my build better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is the weekly padlet!!!!!!!

So did you see my goal!
Sorry we don't have another padlet so we made another blog here it is...

Here is a list what have enjoyed most:

  • Team work 
  • The feedback I got given
  • The fun
  • learning new things
  • and finally building with my friends

Thanks if you helped with the list up there.

So wanna know a secret?
We went on survival mode!
We had lots of problems somebody went to jail for not going to bed!
I ate a whole cake (I could eat alot.)
Carter help me craft stuff!(a wooden sword)
When it was bed I went to the spawn to sleep I was safer there.
Carter, Jamie and Thomas went mining for gems!

Hope your enjoyed this blog bye!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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